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“I had no idea drinking one glass of wine changed my recovery during sleep. Once I realized my body processed alcohol that way, I shifted my behavior and felt healthier right away. Thanks, Live Well!”

- Christina B, Los Angeles


"Live Well's lifestyle assessment is great. I learned a lot about my peaks and valleys throughout the day – and how exercise and alcohol were factoring into my sleep and recovery. It's a great product for anyone who wants to know more about how their body works." 

- Henry J, Silver Lake


"It's fascinating how much information you can learn from this assessment. In just a few days I learned that some of the activities I thought were great for me (extreme workouts) were causing high stress on the body and leading to poor sleep, while other seemingly insignificant events were having major benefits to my overall well-being. I created a plan based on this information and have been living (and sleeping!) better! Thank you!"

- Jane R, Hermosa Beach


"I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to health-related wearable technology. Fitbits and HRM devices can drown you in information about your workouts, but I've never seen them offering useful, forward-looking guidance. Live Well gave me something I didn't expect: insight into my activities and their overall impact on my day-to-day health. Patrick's quantitative analysis of the effects that exercise, eating, sleep, work, and even alcohol consumption have on the way I feel throughout the day was eye-opening. I've spent a lifetime thinking I should work less, exercise more, and generally relax. Turns out, I was right - and I've got data!"

- Eli C, South Boston



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