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How is this different from a FitBit/Jawbone/Polar/Apple Watch/etc?


These devices are a great start and can provide you with some helpful information to make sure that you are keeping up your step count, heart rate when exercising, and can also help provide you with a basic level of understanding whether you toss and turn at night when you are sleeping. However, by assessing your heart rate variability, we are able to provide a deeper level of data about how your body is functioning internally when you are performing these activities.


Can I wear it through airport security?


The BodyGuard monitor is primarily a plastic device about the size of a large watch face, with a comparable level of circuitry. It may come up on a metal detector, and will definitely show up on an airport body scanner, so you may want to take it off going through security. Just unclip the device from the sticky electrodes, and clip it back on once you're through - the device will automatically resume collecting data.


I'm really busy over the next few weeks, can I do this when things are calmer?


Absolutely! However, when you are busy this assessment can give you a great picture of how your body copes during these busy periods and can help you understand ways to cope during these hectic periods.

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