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Corporate Wellness

FirstBeat technology has been used to perform lifestyle assessments for more than 100,000 employees from over 1,000 companies, including Fortune 100 companies.


After these assessments, 85% of employees felt more productive at work and over 90% would recommend lifestyle assessment to their colleagues.


Lifestyle assessment provides:

  • data for wellbeing and performance

  • personalized advice for each employee

  • improved resilience and work efficiency

  • exhaustion and burnout prevention


Watch how Lifestyle assessment helped EY Finland


















Contact us to discuss how we can help your employees optimize their health and wellbeing and help them perform at their peak.


Unlock the potential of your people through Lifestyle Assessment


Understand stress and recovery levels so that you can create targeted wellness and resilience programs

Reduce absenteeism due to sick leave


Corporate packages include:

  • Introductory information meeting for employees

  • Measurement of biometric data with Firstbeat Bodyguard monitor

  • Individual reports and health coaching based upon assessment findings

  • Anonymous group reporting for the employer 


Reward high performers and provide proactive assistance for those that may be struggling.








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