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Live Well Assessments can be customized to suit your schedule and requirements. They can be performed face to face in your home, at your office, or other convenient location (in the greater Los Angeles area). They can also be performed remotely via Skype.


Live Well Assessments can be performed over 3 - 5 days, and can also include an ergonomic assessment of your workstation.


Assessments can be performed as a one-off assessment. However, to fully realize the benefits of any changes, it is recommended that follow up assessments be performed.


Live Well Assessments are powered by FirstBeat Technology. FirstBeat Technology has been used to perform over 100,000 lifestyle assessments in 20 countries around the world.


More than 400 professional sports teams worldwide use FirstBeat technology to evaluate performance and recovery.


Over 1000 companies, including Fortune 100 companies have used FirstBeat technology to improve job performance, reduce sick leave, help stress management and improve employee wellness.


Contact us to discuss your needs today!

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