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Informing healthy lifestyle choices

Do you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep?

Do you ever wonder if your workout is effective?

Does stress make it harder for you to do your job?

Are you struggling to perform at your peak?


What if you could learn how to improve your body functions? It's easy. You wear our discreet heart beat monitor and we provide a professional assessment, based upon your own body's bio-markers to help you live well. 


Our health professionals will study your heart beat data and develop a personalized plan to maximize your physical and mental well-being.


Welcome to Live Well Assessments


At work, at play and at rest, your heart tells a story. We’re the professionals who can listen to that story and help you make the best lifestyle choices to enjoy lasting health and wellness.


More data than a FitBit


We utilize FirstBeat technology to perform Lifestyle Assessments: evidence-based, data-driven analysis of your autonomic nervous system to quantify and provide insight into your body's unique physiology. FirstBeat monitors — plus a health professional's assessment — provide a deeper level of data than better-known commercial devices. Using this data, we can give you feedback on how your lifestyle is affecting your health, and identify opportunities for improvement. FirstBeat technology is also utilized by many elite sports teams to help with their athletes stress and recovery.


Live Well Assessments answer these questions:

  • Are your body's levels of work, recovery and physical activity in balance?

  • Does your body get enough recovery over a 24-hour period?

  • Are you getting enough good quality sleep?

  • Does your body replenish its resources while you sleep?

  • Is your daily physical activity sufficient to maintain and/or improve your cardiovascular fitness?


Live Well Assessments can also be used to:

  • Recognize your most effective relaxation and recovery techniques

  • Identify specific activities and lifestyle choices specific to you that promote your health and wellness

  • Assess if your workouts are too intense and causing excess stress to your body


Live Well Assessments can be performed face to face in the greater Los Angeles area, or remotely via Skype.


After undergoing a Live Well lifestyle assessment, our clients better understood factors causing stress to their body and what helps their body recover and were able to make better lifestyle choices to live well under all circumstances.


We look forward to helping you optimize your health and wellness.



Do you often feel tired and run down? When your energy levels are low, you are not able to perform to the best of your abilities. Our lifestyle assessments can help identify if you are getting enough recovery during your day. We can make practical recommendations to help improve your body’s natural ability to recover.

Sleep Well

By assessing heart rate variability, we can measure the restorative quality of your sleep. You may sleep for the recommended 7 hours per night, but if the sleep is not of good quality, you may find yourself not feeling refreshed, or your body may display symptoms of poor health.

Perform Well
Work Well

Are you struggling at work? Our assessments can help determine which activities are the most stressful on your body, and if you are getting enough recovery time. Our Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist can perform an ergonomic assessment of your workspace to ensure it is suited to your physique.

Our assessments can help determine if your level of physical activity is sufficient to improve, or just maintain your fitness levels. They can also determine if you are exercising beyond your body’s capacity.


Exercise Well

What is Lifestyle Assessment?

Lifestyle assessment: A simple 3-stage process


Stage 1 - Measurement - You will wear a discreet professional heart rate monitor for 3 to 5 days. While you wear it, you will also keep an activity journal so we can see how your daily activities impact upon your body’s functioning.


Stage 2 - Feedback - You will receive a personalized report based on your heartbeat data and activity journal highlighting positive lifestyle choices and areas for improvement.


Stage 3 - Planning -  Your assessment specialist will give you customized health coaching and recommend actions and choices you can make to improve your health and wellness.


Reassessment - to fully realize the benefits of your lifestyle changes, it is recommended that a follow up reassessment be carried out at a later stage.


See an example report here and below.

How it works
Wearing device
At rest
Wearing device
Wearing device



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